Start a Journey in the Ford Ranger Truck

Ford of West Covina offers the Ford Ranger with the SuperCab and SuperCrew design. This light-duty truck is equipped with superb features that let you enjoy off-road adventures nationwide.

The Trail Control makes you a more confident driver behind the wheel of the Ford Ranger. When the vehicle moves slower than 20 MPH, the wheels rotate at the most appropriate levels. This technology also adjusts the throttle settings for a dependable ride on off-road trails.

This Ford pickup truck has the Terrain Management function that syncs some of the most important mechanical systems. You should activate the Mud/Ruts Mode to cross muddy paths that would probably hinder most passenger cars. A single mode also optimizes the 4x4 drive system for snow and gravel. Additionally, there's an individual mode that's versatile enough to handle sand. The Grass Mode allows the Ranger to traverse prairies, fields and other landscapes with dense vegetation.



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