Ford Focus ST has Technology

The Focus ST remains popular for its hatchback design and ease of handling. Owners also appreciate the savings they experience in terms of fuel consumption. The latest models have impressive technological features that are additionally bound to get positive attention. Explore all of the amenities available on the new Focus by visiting our Ford of West Covina location. Experience the fun and take a quick drive.

Some of the technology revolves around safety. Owners immediately know when the tires need attention thanks to the continual pressure monitoring technology. Sensors and cameras assist drivers to backup safely or parallel park with less frustration. Venturing into the wrong lane at the wrong time could lead to disaster. As such, the ST comes with lane assist and blind-spot checking systems.

New owners might opt to upgrade the standard infotainment system with an eight-inch touchscreen and 10 speakers. The Focus might also include USB ports, ambient lighting and navigation technology.



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