The Ford F-150 Is Made To Be Tough

At Ford of West Covina, you can find one of the most popular trucks made. The Ford F-150 has remained so popular over the decades because of its outstanding reliability. Those who know trucks can tell you that this truck is a great truck for work and play. The F-150 is made from tough materials, and it is equipped to help you get jobs done.

The Ford F-150 is made from military-grade aluminum alloy. This type of aluminum is lightweight and strong. It is often used when strong material is needed for industrial applications. This aluminum alloy allows the F-150 to stand up to hard use, and it provides safety in case of accidents.

The F-150 offers the Boxlink system. This provides LED lighting in the truck bed so that you can work at night. The system also provides you with an integrated tailgate step and a lift assist system.



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